Monday, March 12, 2012

Tips for Spring & Summer 2012 Fashion: Keep It Poppin'!

Hello out there, my fellow, Fashionstas and Fashionistos (ha)!

Moni here, blogging from Uptown NOLA on Magazine Street.  I don't know about you, but I had quite a weekend!  The weather's warming up, despite the occasional (and not to mention completely random!) rainshowers, festival season is just around the bend, and Spring is a very hectic time for folks in general!

It would've been a relatively no-fuss task to throw together a collage of cute outfits paired with our own products paper doll style, but my goal for this post is to maintain a fresh approach to browsing trends in a first-person (if not a tad voyeuristic) perspective and hopefully encourage you, dear reader, to do the same by offering locally-inspired style suggestions in addition to Feet First Stores' products, so that you can feel empowered to try for them out for yourself!

New Orleans Fashion is all the more on the rise and to provide anything less simply won't do!

Libellule Collection: March 2012 | NOLA Fashion Week by Robby Kevin,

Also, I'd like to hone in on a trend I only touched on in my last blog post.  Some of you might be familiar with a "statement" piece; jewelry or another accessory that ties your ensemble together in a dynamic and memorable way.

image provided by

Well...Maybe not quite this memorable, but you get the idea! 

The rules are simple:

1. It must be BOLD!  

Even with neutral or earthy tones (as pictured above from and no matter your taste, whether it's clean, crisp lines or soft asymmetrical cuts, don't be afraid to stand out!

Local gal, Elizabeth Betsy, spotted at the invadeNOLA Street Style Brunch
Her statement piece? That super hot coral pencil skirt with a loosely fit, striped v-neck top!  
Clean, simple, and bright - adore it!

My Feet First Mash-up:

A neutral pair of flats like the Pointy Toe Flat in Camel by Chocolat Blu would brighten up her look even more without taking away from what she's already rocking!

Dapper Dans!
Event planner, Tom Cianfichi (left) and actor, Bryan Batt (right),  
were spotted at Brooks Brothers in Parish Chic!

My Feet First Mash-up:

 They could jazz up their button-downs with one of our many
NOLA Couture Silk Ties

2.  It must be INSPIRED but PRECISE!  

Are you really vibing on turquoise, candy apple red, or orange? Whatever your hue, don't go overboard - pick and choose your pieces with care!  Anything from a brightly colored pocket square, a funky pair of shoes, or a brightly colored belt can pump up your look in a snap!

Demure and sophisticated silhouettes spotted brunching last weekend!  
Notice the texture of their super-flowy tops and those bright turquoise jeans!
My Feet First Mash-up:

A beautiful, clean look that would paired well with either ensemble!
While I'm at it, this Magid Bucket Rope Tote Bag in Orange could add a healthy dose of oomph :

Did I mention how incredibly in-in-in colored denim is right now?  I have yet to get a pair myself, but trust me - I'm considering it.  If you don't want to scour the inter-webs for a pair, here's a link to Abeille NOLA's announcement that they keep colored denim in stock! St. Patrick's Day, anyone?

image provided by Abeille NOLA

3. It must be 100% YOU!  

That is the invisible, alphabetic line between trendY and trendSETTER, ladies and gentlemen.   Hair accessories, nail polish, neck and bow ties, eye-wear, colorful and lightweight scarves, bright knits and patterns are all at your disposal to turn an outfit from simply an eye-catcher to a full-on head-turner.

Here are some folks in my own social-sphere who I consider to have hands-down signature style - check them out!

Brian: Singer, Dancer, Actor, & Fashion Extraordinaire
In other words, a man who's never afraid to be bold!

Laura: Painter, Singer, Musician & Bestie
She rocks a cool sophistication that's truly all her own - she's even too cool for a link!

Francesca: Actor, Yogi-to-be, & Fellow Cripple Creeker
This girl is as brilliant in mind as she is in wardrobe - you've been warned!

Christy: Creator of Slow Southern Style & Fellow Fashionista
What can I say?  The girl's got style!
Please note that fabulous shade of red lipstick!

 Justin: Founder of invadeNOLA, Artist, Musician & Mogul-to-be
Not only a creator of art - he lives it!

This is just a small handful of people I know who love to express themselves through their wardrobe and have their own unique style, which continues to inspire me, and I hope it does the same for you!

 Thanks for reading, and Happy Shopping! xo